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Update: Nov 30th, 2000

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This is a small set of pictures made by 11.Infanterie-Division and presented on the Christmas day of 1942 to those member of the division who fought at Kirischi bridgehead. This particular example was sent by a divisional member on the new year'sday of 1943 to his home in Köln in this Feldpost envelope.

The set contains three pictures, and a message from the divisional commander Gen.Maj. Thomaschki, Cover page, title paper, a T34 just hit, a destroyed T34 lays in ruin, the bridge at Kirischi, Commander's message. General der Artillerie Thomaschiki, also named Onkel Thom, was a very brave and able commander. With a German Cross in Gold (Dec 1941) and 299th Oak leaves to the Knight's Cross (Sep 1943 as commander of 11.Inf.-Div.), He later commanded X. Armeekorps and survived the war.

Another division that fought at the Kirisch bridge was Ost-/Westpreussisch 21.Infanterie-Division. Here are two pictures from the estate of a Sanitätssoldat Gefr. Uhlig from the division. Kirisch bridge taken on May 18, 1942 and a Hiwi (Hilfswillige, Russian volunteer. This boy came from the Wlassow Armee).